Legal Representation in all courts and judicial forums, including the High Courts of all four provinces, the Supreme Court and courts of Azad Jammu & Kashmir as well as civil, banking, accountability court and taxation tribunals and other forums.

Opinion writing & drafting and vetting of documents & agreements, Plaints, letters, notices, guarantees, MODTDs and other security documents, Franchise Agreements, Affidavits, Compromise agreements, deeds, etc

Negotiation Services, Legal Auditing, Conveyancing, Company & Registration & Other misc. legal services.

Areas of specialization:
The firm concentrates in civil law: banking, corporate, taxation, service and commercial matters. We also concentrate on cutting edge areas such as intellectual property and cyber laws. Our lawyers are well-experienced in disputes ranging from the most intricate, involving international arbitrations, to simple Banking and Taxation cases. The firm also provides limited in-house services in dealing with criminal matters for our clients